Common Myths and Facts About Gynecomastia Surgery in Pakistan

When some of the boys or men face the issue in which their breast tissues get large, it is called gynecomastia. Moreover, in this situation, boys’ or men’s breasts resembled those of a woman. Therefore, this is strongly advised since there are serious illnesses that may induce breast augmentation in males. Furthermore, it is common among boys and men of all ages. Additionally, you may sometimes believe that these are first-world concerns. No, that is not at all the case. It is so common in all around the globe.

Furthermore, most people are unaware that gynecomastia is a more common condition. On the other hand, many misconceptions exist about it and its administration. But during the last 10 years, cosmetic surgeons have become more aware of the problem, so those who suffer from gynecomastia now have more access to knowledge. This article addressed some common misconceptions and information on gynecomastia surgery in Pakistan. 

Common Myths and Facts About Gynecomastia Surgery in Pakistan:

Men who experience accidental breast expansion due to gynecomastia are not alone. Furthermore, the underlying cause of genuine gynecomastia is an excess of glandular or breast tissue. Numerous factors, including hormone imbalance, drug side effects, or heredity, might be the cause. Similarly, some men may have loose skin or excess fat in the chest area and additional breast or glandular tissue.

It is a treatable treatment, but there is a misconception. We have gathered some common myths and facts about gynecomastia surgery in Pakistan.

Myth: Gynecomastia Will Disappear by Itself.

Fact: You may have heard that gynecomastia goes away on its own. Teenage males may develop gynecomastia during puberty, which usually goes away in two years, which leads to this common misunderstanding. Gynecomastia that lasts longer than that will not go away by itself. It is crucial to see a physician since, in some instances, gynecomastia may indicate a more serious problem, such as pituitary gland dysfunction or testicular failure. Generally speaking, surgery is the only way to lessen the appearance of extra breast tissue when there is no underlying medical problem causing the disease.

Myth: Gynecomastia Is an Uncommon Disorder.

Fact: Most individuals think this prevalent belief to be true. Nonetheless, one of the most prevalent breast conditions in men is gynecomastia. Worldwide, it affects between 50 and 65 percent of men. According to estimates, the hormonal changes that accompany puberty cause gynecomastia in up to 79% of males in the early to mid-puberty stage.

Myth: Gynecomastia Is Excess Chest Fat.

Fact: The main Myth about gynecomastia is that it only affects obese men because of extra body fat. Even if a guy does not have much excess fat, he might still develop gynecomastia if he is not overweight. Fat by itself is not the root of the issue, despite some claims that extra chest fat might make a man’s breasts seem larger. Gynecomastia is the development of a male breast gland rather than only a small amount of fat in the chest area.

Myth: Exercise And Nutrition Can Help Remove Gynecomastia.

Fact: There is a misconception that diet and exercise will resolve gynecomastia. Patients who are just overweight can lose weight by following a diet and exercising regularly. No matter how much weight they lose, those with genuine gynecomastia will still have extra breast or glandular tissue.

Myth: Any Physician Can Conduct a Gynecomastia Operation.

Fact: While many cosmetic surgeons may do gynecomastia, only a few are experts in the field. Further, they understand the details of the treatment. Similarly, they know the forms of gynecomastia and the most effective procedures. Ensure a gynecomastia surgeon has board certification in plastic surgery before picking them. They need to focus on male breast reduction surgery as well.

Surgeon Consultation:

See a qualified surgeon for personalized advice on gynecomastia surgery. An expert can provide a confident and well-informed decision-making process by doing a complete inspection. Professional consultation is the first step on your path to self-assurance.


It is clear from dispelling myths that gynecomastia surgery is a workable option with observable advantages. However, by clearing up misunderstandings, people may approach the process with clarity and make decisions that are best for their health. Therefore, one with this problem must consult the surgeon for expert advice.

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