Exosome hair transplant cost in Islamabad

Hair loss eliminates the boldness of an individual’s personality, damaging the beauty aesthetics of a person and reducing self-confidence. People dealing with this issue seek a permanent solution to restore the glamour and fascination of their personalities. Exosome hair transplant in Islamabad stimulates the growth of hair follicles and also improves their volume and thickness. In this blog, we will explore the cost and benefits of this painless cosmetic treatment.

Unravelling This Procedure:

This is an advanced therapeutic technique used to foster hair growth. It involves the use of adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cell exosomes to improve the growth of follicles and create a denser hair pattern. These cells are injected into the scalp to transfer growth factors such as nucleic acid, protein, etc. By undergoing this procedure or delivering extracted vesicles to the scalp, you can reinstate the growth of your hair.

The Cost Of This Treatment:

The price of exosome hair transplant in Islamabad is PKR 80,000. Its cost normally differs from person to person because several factors can influence it. A patient must have a rough idea about required expenses and factors that may affect them. At Dynamic Clinic PK, your practitioner will help you know and understand the pricing policy. Generally, it is deemed a cost-effective, feasible and productive approach that revitalises the personality of a person.

Cost Influencing Factors:

This is an effective method to treat baldness. Its overall cost depends on the following factors. It is pertinent to get a consultation session before proceeding with the procedure to make an informed decision.

The Number Of Sessions:

A single session may not offer you the desired results. Given that, multiple sessions are suggested to get optimal results. A patient may consider it several times because it does not entail cuts and incisions.  Based on an individual’s specific needs and requirements, a surgeon determines the scope of the procedure for a specific case.

Technology Factor:

Advancement in the cosmetic field is normal and it is for good reasons. Clinics which utilise cutting-edge procedures will likely charge more than others. A person should strive to get the best treatment to increase the possibility of better outcomes and reduce the risk of side effects.

The Location and Reputation Of The Clinic;

The location and reputation of a clinic also play a significant role in determining the price. If a clinic is located in a big city then a patient will have to pay more in comparison to a facility which is not located in a popular place.

Benefits of This Technique:

  • A non-surgical effective procedure that does not entail cuts or incisions
  • Fosters hair growth by improving intercellular communication
  • Facilitates tissue regeneration and increases the survival rate of transplanted hair
  • Exosomes are natural substances, limiting the risk factor
  • Adds to the thickness and density of hair
  • Allows people to enjoy personalised treatments and see their desired outcomes

Who Is It For?

  • People observing hair loss or baldness
  • Individuals intend to foster follicle growth without involving surgery
  • People seeking denser and more natural hair look with no downtime


The cost of exosome hair transplant in Islamabad is PKR 80,000. The price bracket can alter because it depends on a number of factors. The good thing is this technique does not require incisions, producing a properly redefined look. Have you lost your hope and confidence and are living a compromised life then this cosmetic approach is one of the best choices to get the desired outcomes.

Schedule your appointment at Dynamic Clinic PK to enjoy the luxury of personalised treatments. Whatever the procedure is, our dedicated team strives to bring about your desired results. Visit our clinic, get a consultation session and make an informed decision!

This is an advanced approach used to foster hair growth. If you are dealing with hair loss or receding hairlines then you can consider this treatment to increase the density of your hair and get a head full of hair.
People often have some concerns regarding this procedure. Every procedure has some pros and cons. It is better to discuss your concerns and fears with an expert before undergoing this minimally invasive hair restoration procedure.
The cost of an exosome hair transplant in Islamabad is PKR 80,000. Several factors such as the scope of this technique, the number of sessions and the clinic’s location and reputation can impact its overall price.