robotic hair transplant cost in islamabad

Robotic-Assisted Hair Transplant:

Technology makes it a lot easier to achieve whatever you think makes you beautiful. Restoration of lost features became possible with transplants. It includes all the body parts but the most popular is a hair transplant. The problem prevails among both men and women but men are comparatively the most affected. Hair Loss can appear at any age without any restriction, but we do not need to worry because the restoration technology is here for the rescue.

Automated hair transplant is done by using advanced robotic technology. It identifies the problem first after a detailed examination of the patient’s scalp. The system itself acts as a surgical expert. The expertise of robotic systems gets further enhanced with the help of experienced surgeons. Collectively, It helps to achieve desired results.

Here are some benefits:

  • The procedure becomes a lot quicker with the use of the latest technology because it requires so much precision and dedication.
  • Robotic technology ensures precision and accuracy because it uses advanced imaging technology. It also prevents surrounding tissues from getting damaged.
  • Technological hair transplant leaves just a minimum of scarring.
  • The obtained results are permanent.
  • It completely prevents human error and mistakes that can occur unconsciously.
  • The procedure is completely comfortable.
  • Patients can achieve their desired results accordingly.

How much does Robotic Hair Transplant Cost in Islamabad:

High-quality hair restoration procedures consider quality over quantity. This is the reason we find their prices increased as compared to the manual process. The Robotic Hair Transplant cost varies between 100,000 pkr to 400,000 pkr depending upon its features and the complexity of the process. Several factors that make the price differ are given below:

Cost Affecting Factors:

  • The first and foremost factor is the location of the clinic because rates in major cities are high compared to those that are in small cities.
  • The costs of automated transplants are higher because of the system used.
  • Surgeons that have expertise in the ARTAS system mostly charge comparatively high fees.
  • Amount of hair that is lost. Less hair loss can be restored at a cheaper price. More receded hairline requires maximum sessions and hence the price gets increased.
  • The number of grafts that are required decides the overall cost of the process.

Overall Procedure:

Robotic Follicular Unit Extraction follows several steps to achieve the result according to the patient’s dream. Initially, the consultation is done by a qualified surgeon who possesses expertise in the field of technological hair restoration. Then, robotic harvesting gets done in the area that has some hair. It serves as a donor area. After that, the surgeon prepares the area that needs to be transplanted. The ARTAS system is used for transplantation. Newly transplanted hair requires extra care. You should follow all the instructions from your surgeons to attain perfect results. Within a few days, you will be able to see results and hair will start growing after a month.

Are there any Side-Effects?

After knowing about the procedure and cost, the first question that comes to mind is about the side effects. Luckily, there are no specific side effects of the process but here are a few things that we should know after the surgery:

  • Little swelling in the area that got transplanted with new follicles.
  • Patients may feel bearable pain after the process due to extraction
  • The feeling of discomfort and itching may prevail for several days.
  • Bleeding can occur and there is a risk of infection.

Along with these, you should know some careful steps to follow before undergoing the restoration process. It includes taking care of your overall health and fitness. You should take the medicines prescribed by the surgeons and prevent the consumption of food and drinks that are dangerous to internal health.

Final Words:

The introduction of robotic technology in the field of transplant proved to be a landmark. Hair restoration is like the dream of every person with a receding hairline. Manual processes involve hazards and chances of mistakes so using the latest system is the safe side. If you have any questions in mind regarding the procedure then we are at your service at Dynamic Clinic. Fill out the form given below and we will reach you with all the details and discuss the prices.