How to know if Erectile dysfunction is Physical not Mental?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) causes your cerebral cortex to wonder, “Why is this happening to me?!” You shouldn’t panic. You asked a big question, and exploring the possible answers is a good start to improving your erections.

The problem can arise for many reasons. To help you narrow your quest for solutions, we explain how to distinguish between psychological (mental) and physical (bodily) causes of erectile dysfunction. Read out to discover more! 

How do Penile Erections work?

Return to the beginning. When aroused, seductive thoughts or sensual contact send brain impulses to your nerves, which send messages to your penile blood vessels, causing erections. Your blood vessels enlarge to let blood in, making you hard.

The process may seem simple. However, it’s like having a small symphony inside you. Each component must perform its function to achieve the intended result.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

ED patients may feel their penis revert to a flaccid state before ejaculating or sexually engaging.

They cannot get an erection at any time have an erection but not long enough for sexual activities. Moreover, eating disorders can induce humiliation, embarrassment, and frustration. If untreated, it can cause depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem.

Erectile dysfunction does not refer to symptoms like difficulty obtaining an erection, decreased interest in sexual activity, or problems with ejaculation, which may indicate penis anatomical issues.

Is ED Psychological? | Mental Causes of ED:

Erectile dysfunction may indicate many physical issues. However, this raises the possibility that mental health issues may cause eating disorders.

  • The strain
  • Disinclination to succeed
  • Depression
  • Several drugs

Stress may boost cortisol, the “fight-or-flight” hormone. Thus, your body may receive the signal to remain alert rather than relaxed, decreasing testosterone production and sexual activity.

Performance anxiety can also cause situational erectile dysfunction (ED), which is prompted by a sexual partner and the conditions of the encounter rather than a continuous ED issue.

Depression alters brain chemistry by disrupting hormone balance. It can eliminate all sexual drive and limit sexual response.

Finally, illegal drugs like cannabis might cause mental illnesses that make it hard to get hard. Prescription drugs like SSRIs may harm mental health.

What are the Treatment Options for Erectile Dysfunction?

Physical ED Treatments:

Whether your condition is medical or psychological, there are several therapy choices to help you solve it because ED causes have been better understood. 

If your doctor says physical factors cause erectile dysfunction, you have many treatment options. Oral prescription medicines are often used in male treatment programs. Sildenafil is the most usually recommended medication for physical ED. Sildenafil is also commonly prescribed for psychological ED. Additional popular physical ED therapies include:

  • The penis pumps
  • Penile implants

Medical treatments include suppositories, injections, and vitamin/supplement administration. If you are overweight or use smoke or alcohol, your doctor may recommend lifestyle changes to cure physical erectile dysfunction (ED). Erectile dysfunction (ED) can be eliminated quickly with a good diet and frequent exercise.

Psychological ED Treatments:

As with physical erectile dysfunction (ED), your doctor will have several options to help you overcome psychological ED and improve your sexual and overall health. Remember that at least 20% of men have had psychological erectile dysfunction (ED). This indicates you are not alone in being frustrated by your sexual life.

The most common psychological erectile dysfunction treatments are:

  • Therapy and counselling:

It includes psychotherapy for couples meditation and guided visualization meditations. When you’re feeling guilty and embarrassed about your eating disorder, professional psychotherapy can help. These sessions allow you to discuss your feelings with someone who understands your condition.

Meditation and guided visualization are increasingly helpful psychological eating problem treatments. Therapists or audio recordings can teach you how to use a sequence of visualizations to help your brain regain control of your body.

  • Connections and relationships:

Male eating disorder partners often feel rejection, remorse, embarrassment, frustration, and a lack of affection. Therefore, they may avoid sexual engagement, which could worsen the situation.

  • Self-confidence
  • Men’s sexual health is strongly linked to their life satisfaction.
  • In 2021, Trusted Source evaluated depression and self-esteem in 80 men, 40 of whom had erectile dysfunction (ED) and 40 as controls.
  • Despite having normal sexual activity, ED patients had greater sadness scores and lower self-esteem, according to the researchers.
  • Erection self-test steps
  • Making Moves

What is the Cost of Erectile Dysfunction Evaluation?

The cost of Erectile Dysfunction treatment in Islamabad starts from PKR 250,000. Medical professionals must thoroughly evaluate erectile dysfunction to identify if it is mental or physical. Dynamic Clinic PK offers expert consultations and diagnostic tests to diagnose the reason for erectile dysfunction. The diagnostic processes and particular conditions may affect the cost of this evaluation. 

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