Laser Hair Removal Islamabad A Permanent and Painless Solution

Women nowadays prefer to have a silky, smooth hairless skin. There are numerous ways to achieve this kind of skin but the most popular among them is Laser Hair removal for women. Lasers offer a painless alternative for traditional hair removing techniques such as waxing and tweezing that involve removing the shafts from an individual’s body. However, it is not only its painless nature that has made laser hair removal one of the most demanded cosmetic procedures among men and women. There are several other benefits of laser hair removal as well that have been discussed in detail in this article.

No Pain:

One benefit of laser hair removal that is always listed at the top of the list is that it does not cause any discomfort as compared to other techniques used for hair removal. It can be safely termed as a virtually painless hair removing technique. It does not cause pain and trauma that yoaur skin suffers from when the shafts are pulled out of their roots during waxing and tweezing. Compared to the traditional methods which can actually cause tears, laser hair removal involves minimal discomfort similar to the one caused by snapping a rubber band on the skin. This can be further minimized by using a numbing cream.

If you are overly sensitive to pain your doctor may prefer to perform the procedure with topical anesthesia. A numbing cream will be applied to the area that needs treating at least 40 to 45 minutes before the procedure.

No Serious Side Effects:

Laser hair removing is a simple and safe procedure. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have approved lasers to remove unwanted hair from any part of the body including armpits and bikini line. Some commonly reported side effects include mild redness at the treated area, swelling and bruising. Burns may also appear at the treated areas but this is very rare and can be avoided by choosing an experienced doctor and the right type of FDA-approved laser system.

No Ingrown Hairs:

Shaving and waxing both can cause ingrown hair but this is not the case with laser hair removal. The procedure works by targeting the Dark pigment underneath dermis and can effectively target any ingrown hair

No Chicken Skin Appearance of The Dermis:

Unlike waxing and tweezing, which causes the skin to become red and bumpy, laser treatment results in smooth and clear skin. Plucking the shafts can also result in chicken skin appearance but this is not the case with laser hair removal, since it does not cause any trauma to the skin and works by simply heating the hair follicles to an extent where their ability to grow again is permanently disabled.

Consider Laser hair removal if you are constantly shaving and waxing your legs and arms to have a smooth skin. Experts at Laser Skin Care are all well trained and skillful in performing laser hair removal procedures. Make a free online consultation today to discuss your concerns with our laser expert and get details of the procedure.