Scars Treatment for Hyperpigmentation In Islamabad

When melanin is accumulated at a certain place in a body, it causes the formation of darker color pigment. This can be of black, red or pink color. These areas are not itchy or burning but they can make people self-conscious as the most important concern of anyone is flawless skin. These spots can appear either because of direct exposure to the sun. This causes sunburn which can leave a scar. These spots can cover the whole body or part of the body. Damaged skin cells produce more melanin which is the cause of the increase in the concentration of pigments. These spots appear after acne breakout and can also be called Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. They appear as a natural reaction of the body in response to the healing mechanism. They can go away with an effective routine and with the help of a dermatologist. Scars Treatment for Hyperpigmentation In Islamabad is now available at Dynamic Clinic. We are always striving for the betterment of our patients.

Methods To Treat:

The scars because of hyperpigmentation can be treated in several ways. They are never acceptable because they interfere with the beauty of the skin or the aestheticism of a person. They can fade away with many over-the-counter products, creams, and more.

●     Vitamin C

This is a powerful antioxidant and can be reduced by increasing the production of collagen. Uneven skin tone can also be corrected by it.

●     Moisturizing the skin

The basic purpose of moisturizers is to increase cell turnover. With inactive components, the

Active Brightener works more effectively. A good moisturizer also helps repair the skin’s lipid barrier, further enhancing its protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

●     Dermapen

Dermapen is a complex procedure for non-surgical reduction, zits eradication, and non-surgical remodeling. Existing tissue is actively spoiled by fractional microchannels that regenerate the skin and pores. This promotes the generation and distribution of new collagen, allowing the wound to heal with healthy, thick, and resilient skin. You’ll notice that the treatment evens out and smooths out your skin.

●     Microneedling

This process increases collagen and elastin production. In this progress, small sterile needles are used and the small wound caused by them stimulates the production of new skin cells. This will make the skin more smooth and firm and can be used to treat them and large pores.

●     Chemical peels

These processes are used to improve the texture of the skin and the appearance of the skin. Usually, a chemical is used to remove the outermost layer of the skin. This will make the skin firmer and removes other imperfections. Dead skin cells are removed which are then replaced by younger cells. Acne scars need medium to high-level peelers. They can only be used under the guidance of a practitioner.

●     Light therapy

Two types of light are used for therapy i.e. red and blue. Red light treats swelling while blue light treats bacteria. These are two major manifestations of acne that leave scars in return.

This process activates the energy process of the body and decreases the oil production in the body.

●     Laser skin resurfacing

The use of optical masers to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and scars, even out discoloration (pigmentation) of the skin, tighten the skin, and eliminate all benign (non-cancerous) and malignant lesions by laser. Is understood as. Short, focused, pulsating beams are aimed at laser techniques for treating uneven skin. This causes the removal of the upper layer.

the procedure of acne in the affected area depends on the individual skin and can take approximately 30 minutes to 2 hours. In addition, while this remedy helps to effectively remove acne spots, it is not suitable for all types. This should be used with caution as the downtime is much longer than other acne procedures and ranges from 10 to 21 days. Also, protecting your skin from the sun is very important and you need to apply sunscreen.

●     Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Therapy

IPL uses light-based energy to combat the discoloration caused by the sun. Light energy also targets blood vessels in the affected skin, looking for discoloration and lifting and pulling it out.  IPL therapy is often given after two laser treatments to permanently cleanse the skin.

●     Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is an in-workplace system used to deal with hyperpigmentation that influences the dermis only (superficial scarring).

During the system, your dermatologist will use a drill-like hand-held device with a cord brush or different abrasive attachment. The device is then swiped throughout your pores and skin to rapidly — however gently — dispose of the dermis. You may also want more than one period to reap your best result.

Microdermabrasion works high-quality on superficial spots. Your dermatologist lets you decide whether or not this remedy is proper for you. It additionally works properly for humans with fairer pores and skin.

Results After Treatment:

These procedures will give you spotless skin that will be attractive and charming. This procedure also requires minimal recovery time. But you must only consult, a registered practitioner for the treatment as skin is a sensitive matter.

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