What Are the Different Types of Jaw Surgery

Misaligned lips can happen because of genes or bad habits from childhood. Moreover, sucking your thumb in childhood can cause misaligned jaws. Furthermore, it can lead to crooked teeth and a bad bite. However, whatever the case, we may need jaw surgery for any medical or cosmetic reason. Further, kids may need braces or other dental care before and after jaw surgery.

Additionally, occurring problems with the structure or making the jaw and face look better is the purpose of this surgery. Moreover, it is also called orthognathic surgery. Therefore, we must understand the different types of jaw surgery because each is meant to fix another problem or issue.

What Are the Different Types of Jaw Surgery?

There Are the Different Types of Jaw Surgery. Depending on the imbalance and jaw position, you may choose the best one after consulting a dentist.

Corrective Jaw Surgery:

You may need corrective jaw surgery if you have problems with your jaws not being in the right place. Therefore, it is preferable if you have problems like underbites, overbites, crossbites, or open bites. The surgeon moves the upper jaw, lower jaw, or both during the operation. Surgery to fix problems with the jaw can help people who have trouble eating, speaking, or breathing. It can also lower the risk of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) diseases.

Orthodontic Surgery for Sleep Apnea:

People who have obstructive sleep apnea can also get orthodontic surgery. Orthognathic surgery can help people with sleep apnea. Moreover, it lower their need for continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) treatment.

Cosmetic Jaw Surgery:

The goal of cosmetic jaw surgery, also called beautiful jaw surgery, is to improve the look of the chin and the shape of the face. Genioplasty (chin enlargement), jawline shaping, and face feminization surgery are all common treatments. Cosmetic jaw surgery can make the face more balanced, even the measurements, and create a more pleasing appearance.

Surgery on The Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ):

People with severe TMJ problems that do not get better with non-surgical options like medicine, physical therapy, and brace therapy may need TMJ surgery. Surgery may include arthroscopy, moving the joint, or replacement of the joint to relieve pain, improve mouth function, and regain joint movement.

Revision Jaw Surgery:

Some patients may need revision jaw surgery to fix problems during the first surgery, improve the results, or select the return after the first surgery. To get the desired practical and cosmetic effects, revision surgery may involve moving the bones, changing the soft tissues, or putting in implants.

Benefits and Risks

Jaw surgery offers numerous benefits for individuals struggling with function or face appearance. It can improve the bite, breathing, speech clarity, and balance of facial features and boost self-confidence. Patients often experience improved eating, drinking, and speech skills after surgery, improving their quality of life. Sleep apnea treatment can also reduce the risk of significant health problems like heart disease and stroke.

However, there are risks associated with jaw surgery, including facial weakness, swelling, bruising, and pain during healing. Patients may also experience jaw movement issues, infections, nerve damage, heavy bleeding, and poor drug responses.

Consultation with an Expert in Jaw Surgery:

Meeting with an experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon before having jaw surgery is significant. Additionally, Dynamic Clinic PK offers its patients the best and latest jaw surgeries. Therefore, our surgeon will look at your medical history, thoroughly check, and discuss your treatment goals and hopes during the appointment. They will also go over the specifics of the surgery, including any risks, the healing process, and how to take care of yourself afterward.

Final Thoughts:

Jaw surgery includes a variety of treatments that aim to fix practical problems, improve the look of the face, and raise people’s quality of life in general. Consulting with a skilled jaw surgery expert is the first step toward reaching your goals; whether you need surgery to fix a crooked jaw or want cosmetic changes to make your face look better, talk to one. Make an appointment today to talk about your choices and start the process of getting a better, more confident smile.

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