Why People Choose the Body Hair Transplantation

What are the other areas where hair can be transplanted?

Do you know that early hair transplant attempts were made to restore eyebrows, mustache, and pubic hair? The Best hair transplant procedure has seen some fascinating innovations during the past few decades. FUE (follicular unit extraction) is one of such fascinating innovations. FUE is a technique to extract individual hair follicles from the donor area. This variation eliminated the need to remove a strip of skin and opened new avenues to obtain donor hair follicles. Now, doctors are using FUE to harvest donor hair follicles from virtually any part of the body!

What body hair transplant means?

Body hair transplant (BHT) can refer to two different (and quite opposite) procedures. Most commonly, the procedure where hair follicles are extracted from different body parts and planted into the head is known as body hair transplant. Amazingly, the procedure where hair follicles are extracted from the head and transplanted into the other areas of the body is also called body hair transplant. In the following lines, we will discuss how this procedure can be utilized to achieve your hair restoration objectives.

BHT – from body parts to the head:

FUE method, mentioned above, does not leave a linear scar on the donor site. That’s why surgeons are increasingly using this technique to harvest hairs from chest, beard, and many other areas of the body to plant them on the scalp of the patient. Body Hair Transplant is especially useful in the patients with limited donor hair supply on their heads. The success of this procedure significantly depends on the skill and experience of the surgeon to extract body hair.

BHT – from head to the body parts:

The head is not the only place where people want hair! Every individual is unique in his or her preferences. Additionally, cultural values have a great impact. Arab people strive to have beard hair and some hair on their chest. In Japan, pubic hairs are considered sign of beauty and fertility, especially for females. Fortunately, you can grow hair wherever you want – with the help of hair transplant of course.

Nowadays, hairs can be extracted from virtually any part of your body and planted to your desired area. No matter you lost hair form these areas or never had a single hair there! As far as you have donor hair follicles anywhere on your body, you can extract them and put them on your favorite place.