5 different types of dental crowns in Islamabad

As the saying goes life is short, smile while you still have teeth but this is not the case with everyone as a tooth can be injured due to a number of factors, such as trauma or injury. Teeth are an important part of one’s physical appearance, and shattered teeth are unsightly. 

Special dental prosthetics are customized and were created to address this problem. Metal or porcelain is used in its construction. These are dental covers and cement is used to secure them to the gum line. They appear to be real teeth and perform the same tasks once completed. A patient can choose from five different types of dental crowns in Islamabad. You are not required to take any further precautions for their upkeep.


  • To replace a decayed or lost tooth
  • For covering implants
  • Correction of a chipped tooth
  • For support of fillings


  • Protection
  • Covering
  • Restoration
  • Reinforcing root canal
  • Problem in chewing
  • Anchoring bridge

5 different types of dental crowns in Islamabad:

Different types of materials that can be used for the composition are as under


This is another name for them. They look exactly like real teeth. Light reflection causes teeth to glitter. People who are allergic to metal can go for this treatment. For the most part, they are the finest option for incisors.


They are made from a composite resin substance. They are constructed of plastic resin and have the look of real teeth. They’re cheap, but they tend to break down over time.

Porcelain Fused to Metal

They are the same color as the teeth next to them. There are two parts that are base (metal) and crown (porcelain) Other teeth are harmed when the mouth is closed. They are ideal for incisors and molars in general. The metal foundation may become visible once the crown is worn out. 


They can be customized in a variety of ways. Usually, Gold, palladium, nickel, and chromium are used. No chipping or shattering occurs. Their main flaw is that they change colour. They are expensive. 

Stainless Steel 

This is the most common form for youngsters. They do not last long and can be lost. Only safe metals are used. They are not intended to be a permanent solution. They are affordable and just necessitate a single dental appointment.

The procedure of implantation:

The process may necessitate single or multiple visits to the dental office.

First Visit
  • Scrutinization of teeth
  •  X-ray.
  • Filling 
  • Teeth impression
  • Construction 
Second Visit
  • Anesthization of the patient and cementing of crown
  • Taking of 3d photos 
  • Creation of crown on same day
  • 15 minutes are needed. 

Durability or Service Life:

Every patient wants to know for what time this treatment will last as the whole procedure is quite expensive. This may depend upon different factors. Usually, they will stay for 5 to 15 years. If you maintain your diet and proper oral hygiene and regularly go for a follow-up, then the treatment may last longer than usual. You should brush twice a day or should not eat hard food regularly. Flossing and cleaning must be done regularly. 

Fors and Againsts:

The advantages of the procedure are as follows:Following are the disadvantages of the process
  • The teeth are protected
  • They are maybe expensive in some cases
  • They may increase the sensitivity of the teeth
  • Enhances the aesthetic appeal
  • It May be stressful or discomforting
  • May promotes self-assurance through raising self-confidence.
  • Proper care is needed
  • Due to the resemblance in shape, it could be mistaken for a real tooth.
  • Nerves that are associated with the tooth are may be damaged if the procedure is not done by a professional
  • Non-allergenic
  • Possibility of development of infections


Its cost may depend upon different factors like 

  1. The extent of damage
  2. Type of material used
  3. Size
  4. Insurance support

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