Which dental crown in Islamabad is best for root canal?

A tooth that has received root canal therapy needs the right dental crown to restore its function and look. Root canal therapy preserves dental structure, although it often weakens the tooth and requires additional support. Here come dental crowns. 

Additionally, since a mismatched crown constantly puts pressure on the inner nerves, it could be another factor contributing to the pain from the root canal with the crown. Even after a root canal procedure that was successful, you should see an orthodontist or endodontist right away if you continue to have significant discomfort.

This article will discuss the various dental crowns and which ones are best for root canal-treated teeth.

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap. Dentists use crowns to repair decayed, broken, or damaged teeth. A crown covers all your teeth like a fitted cap. Before glueing your new crown, your dentist will remove some enamel. This ensures the crown fits properly. Dental experts can make crowns from porcelain, metal, resin, and porcelain.

The Root Canal Procedure:

First, learn about root canal therapy. The dentist will clean the pulp while completing the procedure. The pulp houses nerves and blood vessels in a tooth. Before causing additional system damage, this component must be removed if infected or compromised. The dentist must sanitize the region immediately after pulp removal to prevent re-infection. After preparation, a special substance covers the tooth. This prevents tooth infection.

How Long Does Crowning a Root Canal Take?

Root canal longevity is not standardized. If root canals are filled without cleansing the diseased pulp, the pulp may get infected again. The filling and crown materials used to fill and preserve a root canal affect its lifespan. Gold crowns last longer than silver crowns, while both gold and silver survive longer than resin or amalgam crowns.

What happens if you wait too long to wear a crown?

If the final crown implantation is delayed and the patient experiences extreme stresses or trauma, the tooth may fracture. In many cases, the possibility of crown fracture must be weighed against bone healing. In addition, most studies show that full-coverage crowns are crucial to root canal therapy’s long-term success. Effectiveness rates after one to five years range from 92% for crown-treated teeth to 35% for uncrowned teeth. Another study examined molar teeth five years after root canal therapy. Crowns implanted on teeth had a 78% success rate, while crown coverage had 36%.

Why Does Root Canal Need a Crown?

Dental crowns, often known as caps, are used when patients need implants or bridges. Crowns aim to prevent tooth damage and can give a weak tooth the strength it needs to function. A tooth needs a crown after root canal therapy for several reasons. 

  • It protects teeth from gum sensitivity:

Some nerves that remain following root canal treatment may become sensitive to hot and cold foods and drinks, which can be irritating, especially while eating. Dental crowns reduce sensitivity.

  • Protects teeth against infection:

After root canal therapy, the tooth surface becomes more susceptible to infection. The dentist seals the tooth and prevents infection with a root canal.

  • Improves Aesthetics:

Root canal therapy may discolour and grey teeth. Dental crowns will match the teeth’s natural colour.

  • Highly Effective:

Most teeth treated with root canal treatment had cavities. Periodontal disease-prone teeth should be sealed with dental fillings. They provide some protection, but not as much as a dental crown.

The Cost of dental crown in Islamabad:

The cost of dental crown in Islamabad is around PKR 18,000 to PKR 30,000. Despite the high cost of dental crowns for root canal-treated teeth in Islamabad, you should prioritize and address them by a qualified dentist. Patients can make informed dental care selections and achieve a healthy, confident smile by first understanding cost factors and then investigating financing options.

It always depends on several aspects. If the root canals behind your capped teeth are severely infected, your crowns may need to be removed before a root canal operation. Root canal therapy for capped teeth implies a severe pulp, root, and canal infection. 

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