Can Liposuction fix gynecomastia?

Many men are surprised to learn that there is a medical term for swelling male breasts (gynecomastia). Still, they are even more surprised to learn that there are several types of the condition, each requiring a different treatment. Most men know they have huge breasts and want them removed. Gynecomastia researchers often conclude that liposuction is the sole way to reduce chest volume. This is because many plastic surgeons treat most gynecomastia this way. Learning about gynecomastia to understand why liposuction alone may not always be the best treatment.

What is Liposuction?

Lipoplasty targets localised fat deposits in those who have maintained a stable weight. Target areas usually include the neck, buttocks, thighs, hips, and tummy. Remember that liposuction does not treat obesity. This procedure reduces body fat, improving attractiveness. One issue is that you can only lose so much weight at once. You must wait six months for more fat loss.

What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia, a frequent medical condition, causes men’s breasts to enlarge. Diet and exercise alone rarely cure this condition since it involves glandular breast tissue rather than fat.

Treatment for gynecomastia begins with addressing the underlying health condition, which may be genetic, age, excessive alcohol consumption, hormonal imbalance, or prescribed medicines. Gynecomastia affects masculine breasts. Surgical removal of excess tissue is the only way to slim and reshape the chest.

The Nature of Gynecomastia:

Fatty deposits in the chest that resemble female breasts induce pseudo gynecomastia. If you want to lose those love handles at your waist that defy any activity, chest fat pockets usually resist even the strictest diet or fitness routine.

Guys at their ideal weight can get this condition. Sagging or stretched skin, which can arise from substantial weight loss or aging, can worsen false gynecomastia.

Liposuction Gynecomastia Treatment:

Gynecomastia is caused by gland and tissue growth, hence only surgery can treat it. Professionals perform power-assisted liposuction (PAL) and ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL), the most effective liposuction methods.

After a three- to four-millimetre chest incision, your surgeon uses a PAL device called MicroAire with a power-assisted cannula to reach the breast gland. The quick movement of this cannula breaks apart extra gland and tissue, allowing suction removal.

VASER, the UAL device with an ultrasound-assisted cannula, is used after surgery. This cannula lets Dr heat the skin from the bottom up and target places where glands and tissue were removed. After gynecomastia surgery, the heat shrinks the skin around the new pectoral outlines, creating beautiful, natural results.

PAL and UAL enable unprecedented precision and safety. However, recovery is easy. However, they effectively treat gynecomastia in the first three stages.

How is liposuction done?

The process typically involves these steps:

  • The surgeon may do liposuction under sedation or complete anaesthesia, depending on the procedure.
  • The method involves making small skin incisions near fat stores to treat.
  • A small tube is inserted through the incisions and into the cannula to break up fat cells and make removal easier.
  • They suck loose fat with a medical vacuum or syringe.
  • After sealing the incisions, the surgeon puts on the compression garment to speed healing and minimise edoema.

Long-lasting results:

This procedure destroys and removes body fat effectively. Additionally, the surgeon cannot reattach fat. It yields long-lasting benefits. Because it helps tone and sculpt the body, it boosts self-esteem and confidence. It benefits your health overall. This relieves pressure on certain body parts. Contributing to buoyancy and vigour. Remove extra fat from the legs or stomach to reduce back pain and make walking easier.

Dangers and Considerations:

Liposuction has many benefits. However, knowing the risks and considerations before the process is crucial:

  • Infection, haemorrhage, and anaesthesia failure are possible.
  • Recovery may take weeks and include discomfort, swelling, and bruises.
  • Follow the surgeon’s aftercare instructions for a quick recovery.
  • Liposuction is a body shaper, not a weight loss treatment, so set reasonable goals.

Liposuction costs in Islamabad:

liposuction cost in Islamabad ranges from PKR 145,000 to PKR 350,000. Cost depends on location and surgeon experience. The cost also depends on the surgical difficulties. It also depends on clinic location. During your surgeon consultation, you’ll get an accurate cost estimate.

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Many people find liposuction the best way to lose weight and shape their bodies. Its modern clinical centres, competent doctors, and personalized care make it a fantastic choice for many. It’s crucial to gather all system information, including risks and advantages. Make sure it’s a good fit by consulting with a certified plastic surgeon. Patients can enjoy and maintain long-term results with liposuction. However, set reasonable goals and follow your doctor’s advice.

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