How much size does a penile implant add

A number of people out there are experiencing erectile dysfunction or are unable to satisfy their partners in bed and are not happy with the size or length of their male organs. This only brings trauma and leads to self-consciousness. Many people use pills such as Cialis and Viagra or consider penile injections to get a renewed sense of confidence and intimacy. Penile implant in Islamabad is also a way to say goodbye to ED and maintain the erection required for normal sexual activity. We will go deeper and learn what a penile implant is and how much size it adds to the penis.

Revitalise Your Intimacy And Maximise Pleasure: Penile Implant

Basically, during this Erectile Dysfunction treatment, a specific device is placed inside the penis through a tiny opening. The placement of a medical device surgically into the penis treats erectile dysfunction- the inability to maintain an erection required for intercourse. It allows people to stay hard as long as they wish and does not affect their sensation or ability to ejaculate. 

Types Of This Treatment:

Inflatable Implants

During this, flexible cylinders are placed inside the penis. They are connected to a pump and a reservoir normally in the scrotum. Fluid is moved from the reservoir to the cylinders when the pump is activated. This increases the size of the penis and makes it hard.

Malleable Implants

Bendable rods are inserted into the erectile chamber of the penis. A treated penis can be tightened and lifted upward with the help of these injected rods. The penis can also be bent downward when it is not in use.

Restore Your Delight: Top Benefits

  • Allows individuals to achieve and maintain sufficient erection
  • Enables people to engage in sexual activities and restore confidence and self-esteem
  • Allows people to have erections whenever they desire
  • Reinstates natural feeling and makes people satisfy their partners
  • It is a permanent solution and eliminates the need for pills and injections

How Much Size Does A Penile Implant Add?

The change in size or size increase with penile implant is not the same. It varies from person to person. It is observed that erectile dysfunction reduces the length of the penis or makes it shorter, adding to the misery. This treatment can not only restore the normal length of the penis but also add some cm or mm. Some people observe an increase in 2.4 cm flaccid penile length and 1.7 cm erection length of the organ. However, it differs from person to person.

Who Is A Suitable Candidate For This Procedure?

If you are encountering erectile dysfunction and oral medications are not working properly, then you should seek this treatment to address ED, restore your manpower and rebuild your relationships with your partner. The ability to have normal intercourse also makes a man confident and self-assured.

However, people should seek professional guidance before undergoing any surgical or medical treatment. A professional will help you analyse your suitability and choose the most beneficial treatment based on your specific conditions and needs.

Summing Up:

Penile implant in Islamabad is a surgical procedure which is performed to address erectile dysfunction and restore a man’s ability to have normal intercourse. It also restores the penile length affected by ED, as this issue shortens the length of male sexual organs. The change in the size is not the same. It may add 2.4 cm flaccid and 1/7 cm erect length of the penis.

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How much size does a penile implant add?

No. It is not possible to know if a man has a penile implant. Your partner will also feel a normal and natural erection. No one can learn about this treatment unless someone sees the small scars on the bottom of your penis.
Yes. Your erection looks and feels natural. Further, it does not change your ability to perform sexual activity or have an orgasm.