Is Nonsurgical Penile Enlargement Possible?

For many guys, improving the size and shape of their penis is essential. However, getting thought of surgery can be scary. Therefore, everyone wants to explore whether nonsurgical penile enlargement is possible. Luckily, advances in medicine have led to the creation of ways to expand the penile area that do not involve surgery. Moreover, Dynamic Clinic PK offers many advanced ways to treat your problem. Therefore, this article will discuss the methods for increasing the penile size.

What Is Nonsurgical Penile Enlargement?

Nonsurgical penile enlargement refers to methods and techniques that aim to increase the size, length, or width of the penis without surgery. Therefore, these methods often include slightly invasive or non-invasive treatments in a medical setting. There is an excess of reportable data and definite outcomes from penile cosmetic surgery to increase penile size. Moreover, it can thicken the penile wall or remove penile curvature. Additionally, both the andrology and urology branches of medicine perform these operations.

In modern alternative medicine, there is a possibility of adverse effects from self-medicating. Moreover, many men utilize over-the-counter penis enlargement pills or gel. However, it may be dangerous if not used by a doctor. Aside from the doctor-applied filling process, no scientific evidence supports nonsurgical penile augmentation procedures. Similarly, most men want to know if nonsurgical penile enlargement

is possible.

Is Nonsurgical Penile Enlargement Possible?

According to the study, nonsurgical penile enlargement gives men many choices for improving the size and look of their penis without having to go through surgery. Moreover, there are a lot of treatments out there to help men and women with their problems and wants. Therefore, penile support devices, PRP therapy, and injectable fillers are all nonsurgical treatment options.

However, males can make intelligent choices about their sexual health and well-being by talking to a trained medical professional. However, there are many ways to expand the penile gland that do not need surgery. Injectable fillers are among the best options. Increasing circulation to the penis is possible via methods including exercise, stretching, and vacuuming. Nevertheless, there is a lot of disagreement over how they affect penile growth.

Common Nonsurgical Methods:

  • Rich Platelet-Rich Plasma: PRP liquid from the patient’s blood is injected into the penis during a P-Shot (PRP). The smooth muscle, vascular cells, and blood vessels in the penis can grow back with this shot. If you use this method four to five times a month, it might work.
  •  Treatment with stem cells: Stem cells can be made in the lab or from fat tissue taken from the patient. Currently, stem cells have the most impressive ability to grow back. They may be able to help men get and keep an erection and make their penis more prolonged and more prominent.
  • Fillers: Put medical filler materials into the penis, and it will look fuller. An experienced surgeon will be able to get good results from the treatment.
  • Fat injection: It takes fat from the patient’s body and injects it into the penis to make it look fuller. The skilled surgeon does this process.
  • Shock wave: High-energy waves are applied to the penis in this way to help new blood vessels grow and heal the nervous system and skin tissue. Patients go through rounds of shock wave therapy, which can indirectly help the penis get more extensive.
  • Using tools to stretch: This method is based on using tools to lengthen the penis. This method is not very good for you. It is essential to be careful because nerves and organs could get hurt.
  • Treatment with a vacuum: The air pressure inside the vacuum makes the shortened penis bigger. This method could make penis cells longer, speed up blood flow, and make the penis bigger.

Cost of Treatment:

The cost of nonsurgical penile enlargement in Islamabad range between 25,000 PKR to 30,000 PKR depending on your unique case. Moreover, these factors include the method chosen, the number of classes needed, and where the medical facility is located. Talking to our healthcare provider about how much the treatment will cost and any payment options during the session is essential. Therefore, it can help you decide about nonsurgical treatment options.

Talking with an Expert:

Before you think about any penile growth, you should talk to a licensed and skilled doctor or sexual health professional. Therefore, it will be best for you to consult with an expert of Dynamic Clinic PK. During this appointment, the doctor will look into your medical background, discuss your hopes and dreams, and then offer the best treatment choices based on your specific requests and worries. They can also tell you much about how safe and effective nonsurgical penile growth methods are.