Nose Surgery and its Cost in Islamabad

If you want to change the shape of your nose or you need to improve its function then nose surgery or otherwise known as rhinoplasty is best for you. Surgery of the nose is done for aesthetic reasons as well as medical purposes. Sometimes the cartilage of the nose is disrupted or it is not dividing the nostrils incorrect way. This can pose various problems or sometimes people do it just because they want to look elegant. Now various places are offering nose jobs in Islamabad but first, it is essential to know what is Nose Surgery and its Cost in Islamabad. The cost may depend on the surgeon who is treating you or the type of clinic you are visiting.

Why Nose Surgery is Done?

Nose surgery can change the size and shape of the nose. It is used to correct respirational difficulties or other medical problems. Some congenital abnormalities are also corrected by these methods. Mostly, people use it for beautifying purposing.

Cost of The Treatment:

Nose surgery is an expensive procedure. The cost may depend upon various factors like the type of treatment you are getting. The cost for narrowing the nose is less than revision nasal surgery. Also, those people will have to pay more who have the cartilaginous nose or fleshy noses.  Nose Surgery and its cost in Islamabad varies from place to place. Usually, it ranges from  70,000 PKR to 300,000 PKR in Islamabad.

Things to be considered before booking your rhinoplasty appointment:

The schemes covering nose surgery vary from clinic to clinic. Usually, some clinics may charge some additional charges like anesthesia fees or other services which they provide. Hence, it is essential to book a consultation before the procedure just to get a proper estimate of the cost. The main purpose of this will be that you will not go out of your budget. But only cost should not be a decisive factor in booking a clinic. This is why you are required to run thorough research before going for the procedure. This will help you to get away from fraudulent activities that take place in the name of rhinoplasty nose reshaping.

Types Of The Treatment:

Various types of nose surgery will be done according to the person’s condition or what he wants. These types can be:

●     Nose straightening surgery

in this type of surgery, the bridge of the nose is straightened

●     Reduction of nose surgery

The tip of the nose can be reshaped according to the requirement. Size can be reduced overall. Any hump or bump can be corrected.

●     Augmentation nose surgery

in this type of surgery, various procedures are performed to increase the size of the nose. Those people who have small noses can go for this type of surgery. This surgery can also be performed in case of any damage to the nose.

●     Post- Traumatic nasal surgery

this type of surgery can be done in case a patient has suffered an injury after any trauma or accident. Its purpose is to move the nose toward its original appearance.

Corrective nasal surgery: in this type of surgery breathing passages can be corrected in case of any congenital abnormality. This type can also be used in case of correction that any previous nasal surgery has arisen.

Steps of Nose Surgery:

Various steps are involved in the procedure of nose surgery. These steps are briefly described as under:

●     Anesthesia

The anesthesiologist will administer some intravenous medications before the surgery.

●     Incision

Both closed and open procedures are used for this purpose. Usually, it is done at columella. This is a narrow tissue strip that separates both of the nostrils. This will raise the skin, making it easy for the nasal procedure to be performed.

●     The nose structure is reshaped

In this step, the type of treatment that is needed by the patient is performed. It can be decreasing the size of the nose or increasing the size. Both correctional of the septum and grafting can also be performed according to the requirement.

●     Closing the incision

At the end of the surgery, the incisions are closed.

●     Results are seen

Splints or gauzes support the nose for a few days. Results will be visible after some time.

●     Post-operative care

Mild discomfort will follow after the surgery which can be reduced by medications. Patients may feel awkward because of bruises and splints but this is temporary and will go away after a few days. Swimming or jogging is usually prohibited for a few weeks. Medicines usually ibuprofen is not advised 2 weeks before and after surgery. Also, as smoking increases the healing process hence it is also advised to quit smoking before the procedure.

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