Preparing for rhinoplasty (pre and post instructions)

Rhinoplasty is the procedure that is used to reshape your nose. Surgery can be a whole new experience for most people. Patients feel anxious and stressed and have a lot of questions about the procedure. These questions need to be addressed in order for the patient to have mental satisfaction. The patient will feel at ease. This blog will address the most frequently asked questions about Preparing for rhinoplasty ( pre and post instructions).

What Shall Be The Expectations Before Surgery?

The cartilage and anatomy of everybody are different. Your surgeon can give you a better nose but not a perfect nose hence expectations from surgery must be real and achievable.

How To Prepare Yourself Mentally?

Resolve all misunderstandings before the process. Resolve your anxiousness, the problems of sleepless nights, and irritability prior to your treatment. Do meditation or yoga.

Keep yourself well-informed about the process.

Make your mind about what your surgeon can do and cannot do. Have realistic expectations.

Things To Be Kept in Mind pre-opt:

  1. Avoid going under the sun directly as this may lead to sunburn which will make the process very difficult for the surgeon
  2. Wear comfortable clothing on the day of surgery
  3. Do not apply makeup, sunscreen, or lotions on the skin. Your skin should be thick and span, perfectly clean to lessen the chances of infection.
  4. Do not get stressed as stress will increase the chances of you waking up more emotionally.

Does My Insurance Support This Procedure?

If you are considering using insurance for part of the procedure, and if you have deviated septum and it is bad enough and it is causing obstruction to the airway that may be able to be submitted to be through insurance but the cosmetic stuff will not be covered by your insurance but the internal procedures like septoplasty, vestibulopathy, etc can be potentially covered by insurance.

Diet Plan Two Weeks Before The Procedure:

  1. The patient should refrain from eating omega-3, nuts, seeds, almonds, fish, sushi, avocado, olive oil, and all those things that make your blood thinner because this will lead you towards heart disease and that is bad for surgery.
  2. The patient must be put on a strict diet two weeks before and two weeks after the surgery. If bleeding is excessive during the process, this will lead to more swelling and as a result more scar formation
  3. Eating pineapples is recommended.
  4. An antibiotic course should be completed.
  5. You must be well hydrated.

Morning of Surgery:

The patient must avoid eating or drinking anything on the day of surgery otherwise directed. He must not take any medicine on the day of surgery. These things may interfere with the anesthesia. Take care of your oral hygiene. Do not wear contact lenses, jewelry, or make-up.

What Are The post-opt Recommendations?

  1. Do not lay flat on your face as this will increase the chances of inflammation of your face hence, lay elevated.
  2. Take enough water as surgery and anesthesia make you weaker to reduce the chances of fainting.
  3. Eat bland food just after surgery.
  4. Do not eat proteinaceous food or fatty food.
  5. Eat carbohydrates, bread, soup, or milkshake
  6. Apply ice. Icing must not be done directly on the nose. Use ice over the forehead, around cheeks, or everything around it, keeping the nose dry. Ice as much as possible.
  7. Take pain medications as prescribed.
  8. Avoid taking NSAIDs. They will interfere with swelling
  9. Take your antibiotics on time
  10. Lubricate your nose as it is important otherwise dry nose will be itchy
  11. Refrain from smiling a lot.
  12. Do not touch your cast. If it is coming off or you have oily skin,  consult your surgeon immediately.
  13. Avoid going into sun and humidity
  14. Avoid going in the shower that is steamy and hot. Use lukewarm water.
  15. On the day when you are supposed to remove your cast, you should take shower so that the cast is not stick on your skin as this will be more uncomfortable.
  16. Don’t pack your nose with ointment just keep it moist with it.
  17. Clean any blood with hydrogen peroxide. Do not overclean.
  18. Avoid Jim or exercising as a result you will sweat more which will increase the chances of swelling and scar tissue.
  19. Use salicylic acid toners after the cast has come off.
  20. Avoid the consumption of salt and caffeine 2 weeks post-surgically.

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