Plastic surgery nose cost in Pakistan

Everyone is concerned about their looks, nose has a sophisticated design, and a tiny change will impact the rest of the nose, so select your surgeon carefully.

For increasing and developing the appearance of your face it is getting regular to select a nose job. There are many methods and ways that are used for adjusting your nose by changing the position and increasing or decreasing the size. You should discuss the expenses of nasal surgery to get complete guidance to consult Plastic Surgery Nose Cost In Pakistan. 

Nose Surgery:

This is also known as “rhinoplasty nose surgery”. For people who are unhappy with the shape and size of their nose, nasal surgery is done to fix different problems and concerns of people under an expert.

Common issues are:

  • Having issues with breathing.
  • Nasal function injury
  • Curved nose
  • Disordered
  • Unusual size
  • Concerns regarding aesthetic
  • Nasal hump

Under general anesthesia, this will be done. Nasal treatment is a surgical method. It has more adaptable functions. Candidates should be good in physical and mental health. It almost takes about 3-5 hours for correcting it. Furthermore, it will last for a very long time giving effective and permanent results. This will not require any more nose surgeries. With a suitable solution to reshape your nose, you will however get to learn about the treatment and its type.

The Patient should be confirmed fully by the surgeon about the risks, technique and benefits. The surgeon usually prints up the before and after the model of the nose, the ability to visualize the result would help the patient feel relaxed before going into the surgery.

Types of Nasal Treatments:

Common types of nose surgery methods:

  • Closed nose surgery: on the inside of the nose the incision are made
  • Open nasal surgery: creating a little incision on the underside of the nose between nostrils.
  • Non-surgical also known as Liquid nose job: done while the patient is awake.
  • Secondary or Revision nose job: the deformities are corrected and done by the earlier procedures.
  • Thread method: A local numbness is used to apply.

How Does It Work:

  • The birth deformity is corrected
  • Looks and appearance os improved
  • Repairing a broken nose
  • Breathing function being restored


Patients mostly go through mild to moderate discomfort as it will cause swelling, which can take about four to five weeks to get normal but with the help of medication, it can be controlled. Usually, people get back to their normal routine and activities after a week.

Things To Be Avoided Before The Treatment:

  • Restrain from smoking.
  • Do not drink.
  • Avoid the use of topical ointments.
  • Restrain from taking certain medications.


Basic swelling will ease within a few weeks and it will give the result you have expected. It will give you a long-lasting effect and outcome.  Touchup will be required after a few time but the shape won’t change. Patients should avoid swimming and running for about three to four weeks. Candidates must restrain from wearing spectacles.

Cost of nose surgery at our clinic:

After observing the average cost of Plastic surgery nose cost in Pakistan varies from 700,000 PKR to 300,000 PKR totally depending upon the position of the surgeon. Including all the factors such as Surgeons fee, type of technique required for each individual and other additional charges varies. So cost will be changed after including these factors.

Impacting factors:

  • The locality of the clinic.
  • Initial and experienced specialist skills.
  • Type of procedure.
  • Checkup sessions.
  • Fees of Anesthesia.
  • Operating facilities.

The bottom line!

Fixing medical issues or aesthetic concerns, consider our clinic for nasal surgery as we have amazing surgeons at a very reasonable cost. It would be better to consult our specialist. It will definitely be a remarkable experience with us!